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Pre-planning guidance is for anyone at any stage in life. We will identify necessary advanced directives (healthcare surrogate, living will, etc),values regarding end of life care and work through an end of life planning workbook. The workbook touches on all aspects of pre-planning - exploring death fears, dependent and pet care, comfort plan, funeral plans, etc. 



Coping with the stress and anxiety of terminal illness is difficult and often overwhelming. End of life doulas provide both emotional and practical support. Tailored care may look like supportive counseling, sitting bedside, nail care, cleaning and organizing. 

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A legacy project is a physical thing that you create to communicate your legacy to those who will come after you. It is a way to pass on your life and what is important to you. Legacy projects may include writing a book or letters, creating a legacy quilt, recording an audio or video message and so much more. 



Have you ever thought about all of the accounts we open throughout our lifetime? Many of those accounts need to be notified of one’s death with a death certificate. Closing accounts can be tedious; completing paperwork, making phone calls and sending appropriate documents. Let me assist you with these tasks so that you can focus on grieving and taking the best care of yourself after the death of your loved one. 

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Not sure what the next steps are for you and your loved ones? Unsure what's available or how to sort through all of the options when it comes to end of life planning and care? Schedule a 50 minute care consultation to discuss your situation, needs, resources, and options. I do not provide medical care or advice, however, with my background in hospice and extensive work as a clinical social worker, I am able to guide you through the process and get you in touch with the appropriate community resources including home health agencies, elder care attorneys, hospice providers, mobile physicians, and more. These consultations can be done by phone, video, or in person.

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